The Easy Way to Convert Images to Textual Content

Converting image to text used to be quite a hassle. Let’s say you came across a book, a magazine, or some pages, and you wanted to convert the printed image to text. To do this, you had to search around for a scanner that had an image to text conversion capabilities. Translators were the worst hit communities when they were sent JPEG images of text written in English and were asked to translate them into a different language. The image might be too small to be legible, and even if the size was ok, they had to open two windows to do their job. This is where an Optical Character Reader (OCR) scanner became a very useful tool.

The Easy Way to Convert Images to Textual Content

OCR scanners were more expensive than normal image scanners, and you really had to need it to do your work. Only then were you willing to pay the extra price of getting this gadget. As the trend of taking pictures of text and posting the image on websites became common, users started looking for alternate solutions.

Image to Text Converter – Easy to use

Now thanks to the IT gurus, you don’t have to go looking for an OCR scanner to convert an image to text. Just Google image to text converter and you will find a site: that offer this service. They are quite easy to use and do a fairly good job. Plus, their biggest advantage is that they offer this facility to use for free. You can extract the text from any image, and it converts to text in seconds.

Extract Text from Books

For students, this is a huge blessing as copying and writing text to quote in a paper is an arduous task. Retyping is not an easy solution as it’s a time-consuming activity. This is where an image to text converter becomes really handy. You simply take pictures of the pages on your cell phone and transfer them to your laptop.

Now you can go on a search browser, select an image to text converter site and upload the image and convert it to text in the blink of an eye.

Features of Image to Text Converter Applications

No registration required: You don’t need to register and disclose your email or Facebook address. You just click on the site and upload the image and start convert. After it converts the text you can read it online or download and save it to use at your own convenience.

Unlimited conversions: There is no limit on the number of image to text conversions that you can do. This is very convenient if you want to use this facility often.

Total privacy: Most image to text tools do not save any copies of images or the text converted on its system. If they were to do this, they would be saving absolutely useless images and converted text in their databases. Why would a converter system want to save a text passage from a Stephen Hawking research paper or a play of Shakespeare? However, it is recommended to go through the Privacy Policy of any website before deciding to use it.

Some Drawbacks of Image to Text Converter applications

Whereas all the image to text converter applications do a fairly good job. However, some have certain limitations that users should be aware of:

File Size Limitation: The file size of the image file that you want to convert may have limitations. If there is a limitation on the file size, you might have to crop the image and save it from reducing its file size. Therefore, do a check on the file size limit and check the size of the image file that you want to convert.

Image Type Limitations: We know that image files can be saved in a variety of formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc. All the image to text converter applications might not support the image file extension that you want to convert. To get around this problem, you might have to open the image file and save it in the format that the converter recognizes.

Loss of Formatting: You will breathe a sigh of relief when you see the converted file. But the original formatting of the converted text might be lost. But that’s not a big issue as it should not take long for you to reformat it.


An image to text converter application is a huge blessing for those who have to use this facility often. Its features definitely outweigh its limitations. Now you don’t have to go out and invest in a costly OCR scanner to get this job done.

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The Easy Way to Convert Images to Textual Content
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